Process Plants for Pharmaceutical Liquids.

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    Pharma Hub, thanks to CSV Life Science Group’s years of experience, is able to provide tailor-made systems for process plants in the pharmaceutical market.

    The design and construction of process plants requires specific skills aimed at satisfying all the customer’s needs, taking into account many variables including the type of product to be produced and the possibility of sanitizing or sterilizing the equipment. For this reason, Pharma Hub takes care of the entire plants design and construction down to the smallest detail, from all the utilities accompanying the plant itself to the piping relating to the raw material filling lines, from the requirements associated with the mixing reactors to the final product transfer.

    Right from the design of the workspaces, Pharma Hub provides dedicated solutions adopting all the necessary measures to facilitate the work of the operators, so as to allow interventions and inspections of the entire process, for example through mezzanine structures. Also when it comes to process plant cleaning, Pharma Hub is aware that CIP/SIP cleaning and sterilisation systems are an essential part of all pharmaceutical production processes. Therefore, tanks are either equipped with special spry balls working with pure water coming from a water room or pure steam cleaning is used with the implementation of a Sterilization-in-Place system with dedicated lines.

    The attention to detail, which has always been part of CSV Group and Pharma Hub philosophy, means that, depending on the characteristics of the product treated, the mixers are equipped with different agitators and technologies, as in the case of magnetic agitators, which ensure minimum contact of mechanical components with the treated elements and can be optimal solutions in the ATEX field.

    The tanks

    All the experience in process plants makes Pharma-Hub tanks an excellence. They are entirely manufactured in Italy at the CSV Group’s production site in Colleferro and all the parts touching the product are usually made of AISI 316L o 316TI. However, Pharma Hub can work with other materials in relation to the process and customer requirements. Internal surface finishes may vary from pickling for chemical process to surface finishes of 0.2 micron mirroring, and once again the decision is related to process requirements.

    Our team has succeeded in reducing the time elapsed between the design and the installation phase of vertical tanks. The reduced timing is ascribable to the processes optimization and to the ongoing dialogue between the customers and CSV Group hub, in which several competences meet. In addition to the technical documentation and certificates, Pharma Hub is also used to preparing a product technical catalogue called “As Built” and is committed to respect all the current norms and regulations depending on the requested order.

    Certifications and installation.

    Any Pharma Hub equipment is equipped with material and components certifications in accordance with the highest qualitative standards. If necessary, Pharma Hub is also capable to offer services and activities to correctly install the delivered equipment, thanks to the Group expertise. Tanks sizes and shapes may be customized in relation to any request in order to meet the specific requirements of control instrumentation, heating and cooling systems, and inspection and cleaning needs. Pharma Hub, as well as carrying out all the piping for new installations, is able to adapt existing installations to interface them with new elements. Following CSV Group philosophy, Pharma Hub has a 360° view of each project: from the realization of the equipment in the early design stages, through to the final performance qualification, FAT, commissioning and SAT activities. Each project then concludes with testing activities. Pharma Hub is also able to implement its equipment with all the automation necessary for the correct management, control and acquisition of process variables.

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