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    Hydro Powder System

    Hydro Powder System: the innovative equipment for Powder Mixing.

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    Fluid Powder Mixing is one of the most common operation in pharmaceutical industries, and our Hydro Powder System is a unique solution. Introducing Multifunctional Equipment for Fluid Powder Mixing, born…

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    Temperature control unit

    Project, Construction, and Validation of a Process Plant.

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    Many skills contribute to a single goal: the expertise of Pharma Hub and CSV Life Science Group is the guarantee for having a turnkey process plant. The creation of a…

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    Quality by design: Pharma Hub approach to process plants realization.

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    The Pharma Hub engineering focuses its work on quality, starting from design phase to installation phase, in order to offer equipment and process plants perfectly integrated in the areas they…

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    Process Plants for Pharmaceutical Liquids.

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    Pharma Hub, thanks to CSV Life Science Group’s years of experience, is able to provide tailor-made systems for process plants in the pharmaceutical market. The design and construction of process…

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