Quality by design: Pharma Hub approach to process plants realization.

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    The Pharma Hub engineering focuses its work on quality, starting from design phase to installation phase, in order to offer equipment and process plants perfectly integrated in the areas they are intended to operate and to meet highest pharmaceutical standards requirements.

    This is because in Pharma Hub many employees come from the world of validation, which requires the knowledge of pharmaceutical quality standards and norms. Indeed, the solid background of CSV Life Science Group has outlined a method that Pharma Hub applies right form the design stages, with always a keen eye to process as well as to construction and engineering needs. A working method that has the ambition of meeting the expectation of the QA department, who usually steps in the projects only at the end of the entire process.

    Anticipating issues.

    Quality needs should be the first thing to bear in mind. For this reason, we draw attention to these topics during the process design phase and try to solve beforehand potential criticalities and also well-known QA and validation aspects. Carefully managing this process flow can ensure from the very beginning the project successful outcome.

    In the specific case of the preparation reactor for injectable solutions shown in the picture, the need of working with fluids involves not only technical but also environmental factors.

    One of these is the condensation, which might cause oscillation and affect liquid temperatures. Therefore, not only this eventuality must be avoided, but the ideal position for correct functioning of temperature probes must also be defined.

    We analyse the practical operation of a system, taking into account all stages of the process, a comprehensive approach that is not always obvious and that rewards the work of Pharma Hub. This is our pillar of activity, a comprehensive offering that consists of products, services and quality.

    Plants quality means product quality.

    Quality orientation in the pharmaceutical sector is a prerogative: everything from design to equipment and final plant must meet certain requirements. Requirements imposed by quality units for a very specific reason, when thinking about the result of the pharmaceutical chain, i.e. the drugs. Paying attention to the purity of drugs, especially in view of the increased production of vaccines these days, is therefore crucial.

    Paying attention to drug purity, especially given the increased production of vaccines production at this time, is therefore crucial. Preparation plants for injectable solutions form the basis of vaccines production process but also of other utmost importance drugs, such as antibiotics. In these delicate processes, not only does the raw materials purity matter, but also the quality of the used utilities counts. Expertise, quality and quick reaction time are key elements in Pharma Hub work, especially at this point in history when project need to be realized quickly to support the drug supply chain, both in big pharmaceutical factories and smaller companies.

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