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    Process Plants for Pharmaceutical Liquids.

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    Pharma Hub, thanks to CSV Life Science Group’s years of experience, is able to provide tailor-made systems for process plants in the pharmaceutical market. The design and construction of process…

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    The CSV Life Science Group division Pharma Hub is pleased to present its new turbo-emulsifier.

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    The turbo-emulsifier is a machine designed for processing emulsions, by mixing liquids and viscous products, and dispersing powders and granules. According to the specific product processed by the client, Pharma…

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    Progettazione, produzione e collaudo di serbatoi in ambito farmaceutico.

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    I serbatoi Pharma Hub. Progettare e installare serbatoi nel mondo Pharma richiede un’approfondita conoscenza sia delle norme GMP sia delle GEP  sia del processo in questione. Pharma Hub, grazie all’esperienza…

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