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    Pharma process plant revamping.

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    Thanks to CSV Life Science Group engineering and technical experience, Pharma Hub is at the front of revamping operations in plants that needs revisions, upgrades or modernisation.

    The solutions offered by Pharma Hub design team guarantee quality, safety and tailored-made integration in revamping activities and, more generally, in skid & utilities projects. Modernising a plant implies improving its functionality and, at the same time, cutting costs compared to a total reconstruction.

    Pharma Hub can give you customised solutions and a high-specialized team with a deep knowledge of the Pharma world. The validation of the same plants can be also included in the offer, providing in this way turnkey solutions to reduce plant start-up times.

    A 360-degree service.

    Indeed, belonging to a company, like CSV Life Science Group, that ranges from engineering to construction activities, from knowledge of raw materials up to the implementation of containment systems, allows Pharma Hub to offer 360-degree services.

    Even building personalised skids to connect new plants to existing containment system is not a problem for a dynamic company like Pharma Hub. In each phase, from engineering activities to site supervision, PH constantly interacts with its customers in order to assure greatest flexibility in the construction phase.

    Construction activities, while updating an existing site, demand a wide range of attentions, in particular in order to avoid stopping some processes in the site itself. Therefore, Pharma Hub is committed to work complying with all safety and quality standards adopted and required by the customer in the process areas, even through additional training for its staff.

    The site areas inside the departments are carefully prepared and properly isolated. Adding or replacing equipment may involve also the dismantling of movable walls, false ceiling, floors and pipes. Consequently, new bases are built from scratch, skids for new equipment placed, tie-in to the existing piping and new pipes necessary for the new element realized as the P&ID of the system supplier provides. Once this adjusting phase is over, floors, shelves and walls are restored to accommodate, delimit or modify the new area, seamlessly integrating the environment with the other workspaces.

    When the systems have been balanced the plants are qualified and As Built documentation of the work delivered.

    CSV Life Science Group’s know-how has always been a guarantee of success in this kind of interventions and the experience gained by Pharma Hub with process plants allows the realisation of tailor-made upgrade operations with great attention to every detail.

    Each project of Pharma hub is taken care of by dedicated Project Managers, who maintain a constant relationship with the customer even after the start-up phase.

    PH has developed over time skills and capabilities that allow the design and implementation in the pharmaceutical field of both complete production lines and important process parts to contribute to the improvement of production quality.

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